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What Is Cremation?

Cremation is the process of subjecting a dead body to intense heat and evaporation in order to reduce the organic matter to its basic elements, that is, cremated remains. The cremated body is light to dark gray in color and looks like coarse sand.

The cremated remains are not entirely in the form of ashes in the beginning as they include bone fragments and shards. Thus, after the cremation, the remains are swept and a magnet is used to remove any metals that could be present in the dust. Finally, the cremated remains are processed into fine particles through the pulverization process. They usually weigh about three to seven pounds.

Cremation takes place in a special unit of a crematorium. Here, the deceased is placed in a cremation chamber or retort and exposed to a temperature of almost 1600 – 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for two to three hours.

The corpse is placed in a casket or any other container and then exposed to direct heat and flame. It is a simple, economic, yet dignified method. Moreover, when compared with burial, it helps preserve space. On the downside, though, it pollutes the atmosphere and requires energy in the form of gas and electricity.

After the cremation, you are still required to dispose of the remains. Thus, this process cannot be regarded as a substitute for a funeral. Hence, you can consider arranging for a funeral or followed by cremation, or memorial service with the cremation urn after the cremation has been done.

Finally, the cremation remains can be interred in a cemetery plot. Besides, you have the option to scatter the ashes at a thoughtful place or float them in water. Some people also choose to keep a portion of the ashes in a keepsake urn to be displayed on a shelf, mantle, etc. at home to create a warm memory of a loved one.

Keeping a small portion of the cremation remains in cremation jewelry is another increasingly popular option. Cremation jewelry consists of items like bracelets, pendants, lockets, rings, cufflinks, and so on.

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