Cremation Benefits

Direct Cremation Benefits

The Direct Cremation Service offers an affordable alternative to traditional body burial. By choosing direct cremation you can eliminate costs associated with traditional funeral services. Direct cremation involves the transport of your loved one, in a minimum container (usually made of cardboard). Unless an upgrade is selected your loved ones cremated remains are returned to the family in a minimum plastic urn. Because the body goes straight to cremation, there is no need for embalming. Skipping this step can save several hundred dollars.

Price is not the only advantage in choosing direct cremation. Cremation is a great way to keep your loved one with you since their remains will be portable. Many people also feel that cremation over body burial is more environmentally friendly since no land is disrupted during the process.

A direct cremation is becoming an increasingly popular option and many families find this option more economical and expeditious than traditional funeral service and in-ground burial. The entire affair usually takes place in just three days to a week which requires less time from the grieving family. This can be especially important if surviving family members are ill, disabled, or live far away. Comfort Cremation Services has made the direct cremation process even more stress-free by allowing you to get started right through our website.

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